SpiderIndus Led -6 Month Warranty

3-15 Watt

1- Month Warranty Product

Voltage=120v-300v AC


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Colour temperature is indicated in a unit called Kelvin (K). A low colour temperature creates a warm, cosy light effect, while a high colour temperature creates a cool, more energising effect. The majority of Spider LED lighting products provides 2800 Kelvin, which is warm white light.

Day’s LED is all about warmth. Spider LED bulbs produce a beautiful warm light from the moment you switch them on. Whether you’re setting the mood in the living room or looking for task lighting in the kitchen,

Not only will warm, bright light enhance your home’s interior and bring colors to life, the longevity and durability of our bulbs mean you’ll change them less often. While the traditional exterior feels familiar, the advanced LED technology inside is what sets our bulbs apart.




Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 10 cm

3W, 5W, 7W, 9W, 12W, 15 W


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